A single security tool for your entire organisation

From small business to enterprises, private and public organizations are treating security seriously and including it in the overall business plan. In order to monitor any security breach, the organization needs to collect logs from all devices/servers and analyze these logs for identifying potential security breaches and threats.

While SIEM tools help solve some of the problems, they do not offer a must-have feature and hence product + integration + support costs for SME override the ROI. For large organizations, it becomes too expensive and complicated for integrating all logs into SIEM – ultimately resulting in these organizations foregoing integration and monitoring of many types of devices into SIEM.

This lead to the creation of BlueVigil, a security application to  provide enterprises with data analysis with multi-level alerting capabilities and easy-to-understand searching facilities while providing easy-to configure alerting and monitoring windows.

Key Features

  • Open architectural model
  • Economic Licensing model and integration package and not event based
  • Licensing not based on events per second but rather for the product support and integration only.
  • Customizable integration module to allow integration of all kinds of log data
  • Pluggable module for enrichment of data
  • Alerting functionality based on known attack vectors and on custom-built rules
  • Alerting based on known behavioral pattern, out of ordinary scenarios

BlueVigil helps in:

  • Linking data from different sources to create a coherent traffic flow linking the originator and originator activity  all the way to the target
  • Customizable rules for identifying true positives and reduce false positives
  • Behavioural pattern analytics and alerting
  • Single search across varied data sources and feature to customize them to have a more effective monitoring
  • Integration with any incident management tool

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