We are Sanford Systems, a digital transformation and emerging technologies company. We at Sanford help enterprises and SMBs solve their business problems by building cutting-edge technology solutions. Our expert engineers use emerging technologies to build solutions for our customers that are meaningful and human-centric.

Bolster your in-house dev team’s strength

Hire experienced and talented offshore engineers from us
  • Onboard high quality developers for your team to build scalable and robust technology solutions.
  • Choose our developers to build your products, solutions, proof of concepts (PoC), R&D, product enhancements or anything that requires additional support.
  • Our coders are versatile and capable of working with multiple industries and tech stacks churning codes with higher standards.
  • Sanford Systems ensures super-fast delivery, 24×7 communications, quality testing, security and deployment support.



Years Of Experience



Advance Mobile App
Development Services

Develop mobile applications to solve complex business problems at all levels from startups, SMBs to enterprises. Sanford Systems offers both native & cross platform end to end mobile application development services.

Full-stack powers disrupting ideas

Front-end + Back-end + Mobile + You!

Full-stack engineers are high in demand as they are master of all trades. Choose us & our engineers to juggle between front-end and back-end;& leverage the power of full-stack to cut down your development cost and time to market by building powerful applications.

Enabling digital transformation with AI, ML & Blockchain

Up your emerging tech ride with our decentralized approach

Sanford’s emerging-tech lab is all you need to build things that will make sense in the future. We will shape your ideas, in hours. We have adopted decentralized thinking in our dev culture that will assure uncompromised value.

Go To Market with our Digital Marketing Services

Sanford Systems offers a team of experienced digital marketing professionals with experience of achieving high ROI in search, app marketing & social media marketing.

Our Thought Leadership Corner

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are the engineers located?

All our engineers are located in India in our delivery center in Chennai. If need be, resources can be moved to onsite.

How do you handle Intellectual Property (IP)?

We have strong parameters to protect the IP of our clients, we sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) & NCA (Non-Compete Agreement) with our customers in order to make sure the IP is protected. Sanford Systems does not own the code at the end of any project, the final code is moved to client’s server. We also sign NDAs with our internal stakeholders

Who owns the code?

Sanford Systems does not own the code at the end of any project, the final code is moved to client’s server.

What are your engagement models?

Sanford Systems offers all the prevalent engagement models in the industry:
1) Retainer: You can hire dedicated engineers based on your needs and get billed monthly
2) Fixed Cost: Get your requirements estimated and get your entire project or a part of your project get done from us. Fixed scope and fixed timeline with no additional charges.
3) Time & Material: This model is used in case of an unclear scope. Clients buy prepaid hours to get the tasks done. Time sheets are submitted weekly and burnout hours rate is shared with clients.

Are there are any communication gaps?

With over 18+ years of offshore development experience, Sanford Systems has put in place processes that make sure that there is no communication gap. We assign project managers and project coordinators for each project and engagement to streamline communication. Periodical scrums while using agile methodology and reporting enables us to deliver of services without any hurdles.

How can we trust with a big project?

Most of our clients start with small assignments and once satisfied move to larger projects. We encourage our clients to assign our resources with a trial task as part of assessment process and evaluate the skillset of our engineers before finalizing an engineer to onboard.

What time zone does your engineer work on?

Our development teams works in Indian hours, however the timing overlaps with most part of the North American workday. Engineers are available for meetings & discussion during large part of the day.

What project management methodology do you use?

Sanford Systems has completely adapted agile methodology.

What project management tools do you use?

We are flexible with tools and go with client’s preference. Jira, Basecamp, Trello, GitHub, Slack are few of the tools used by our team.

Can you give us references?

Yes, we will be happy to provide client references in North America who can talk about their experience with us.

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